Initial Assessment for Submissions Article to Journal

As the editorial board, we are aimed to publishing high quality new studies that make a significant contribution within the scope of the journal.

In order to meet this aim, submitted manuscripts undergo initial evaluation by editors to ensure that they meet essential criteria for publication in the journal.

Only those manuscripts that pass this initial review process, will be continued to other stages for further evaluation.

A manuscript may be returned to the corresponding author without any further evaluations if, in the opinion of the editors, one (or more) of the following situations:

-The manuscript clearly lies beyond the scope of the journal.

-The novelty of the study does not sufficient for the content of the journal.

-The scientific quality of the study is quite inadequate for publication in the journal.

-The quality of the English is so poor as to render the science presented unclear to publish in the manuscript.

-The results/conclusions of the manuscript have been published or well known previously.

-The manuscript is insufficient for the general interest of the journal and would be better suited to a more specialized journal.

First of all the authors should review their article briefly to make sure that the articles sent to the journal, is compatible with the journal's requirements, vision and aim.

For this reason, the articles should be examined previously mentioned issues and according to the following criteria:

-Does the subject/aim fit with the scope of the journal?

-Does the paper present quality research standards, such as properly cited references and novelty of the study?

-Does the English of the paper well written and clearly understandable for the reader?

-Does the paper have the potential to be a quality contribution to the journal?

-Is the paper free from plagiarism?

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